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Appliance Repairs – When a Refrigerator Compressor Overheats

Even the high-end, most recognized brand name refrigerators still end up needing work done on them from time to time. And when that time comes, especially if you’re dealing with a Sub-Zero refrigerator, you want only the best appliance repair Las Vegas has to offer… the Appliance Masters is who we count on (http://lasvegasappliancemasters.com).

Okay, we have a Sub-Zero refrigerator; complaint is it just not cooling efficiently. We determine that the condenser is dirty, needs to be cleaned. So we’re going to go ahead and blow that out.


Before beginning any repair, always be sure to disconnect the power to the appliance. It is also recommended to test the outlet for the proper voltage.

To complete this repair, you’ll need a tank of compressed air. We need to access all the important step on top, so on this model here, this panel, it just, it’s hinge almost., it’s not really hinged at the bottom, it just sits on little pins and so we’re going to lean it forward. And there is a spring, which is right here so we’re going to just pop that spring out here, lift that off, we can remove the grid completely.

Okay, so we’re going to blow out the condenser up there. I have some compressed air, a CO2 tank with a line on it. What we’re going to do is we’re going to cover this area with a damp towel, I have an old beach towel that we’re going to use that way all that dust doesn’t blow all over the home may get a little bit, but with the towel there, it won’t be too much.

Then, once we get up there, basically we’re going to take our line and we’re going to run up and down all over that condenser back there and that’s how we’re going to clean that with compressed air.

Okay, so now we’re going to take the towel, we’re just going to do our best to try to get it up here. There’s no right way or no wrong way to do it, we’re just trying to minimize the mess for the customer. Will go over the top here, tuck it in here. So since we now already know where we have to get this.

Line, I don’t need to see it and if I do see it,  my face is isn’t going to like me afterwards. So, we’ll go ahead and just get everything prepped, get ready to go, get my hand back here with the line and we’ll just going to blow it out.

Alright and you just try to do the best job you can, I will set this down and then what we can do is kind of get in there and stick your head in there, make sure that you got it all and we’ll go ahead and pull the towel down and we’ll be careful because I’m sure it’s got a lot of dust and dirt.

So I got my brush, just going to reach in there, just to make sure I got everything the best I can. Just want to be careful with the brush that we don’t bend the coil and I am just going with the groove that’s in the coil that way you don’t bend anything and I don’t see much of anything left.

We’ll take our panel, we’re just kind of set it in the general area, I pointed out earlier. There’s tabs, two of them here that correspond with little recessed like holes and the grill here. So we’ll just set it close because it’s going to move a little bit on you. And you grab that spring, grab the spring and hook it around and line up our pins in their holes and there we go.

Electric Stove Heating Element Replacement with Appliance Repair Austin

Okay, so my on-going effort to get all my kitchen appliances working properly again, I’ve found that the heating element on our stove isn’t working and needs to be fixed. So after enlisting the help of the appliance masters at Austin Appliance Masters – http://austinappliancemasters.com, I came up with a plan.   What we’re going to be doing here today is we’re going to be removing this oven door and we will be pulling out the bake element, testing it and replacing it and putting them all back together.

So the first thing that you want to do is make sure this thing is unplugged before you touch anything which we already done. Now we’re going to go and remove the door off the oven. Okay, so what you do is you open up your door right here and these doors come off in several different ways, some of them just pull off, some of them have the screws, some of them have a clip, some have a pin, these particular one uses a screw and you can see the screw here on this side, there’s the hinge and there’s another one here on this side here.

So, we’ll just remove those two screws and then we’ll pull this door out. So we leave the door down and we do this. Okay, now that we have the screws removed; pull the door up so it’s open a few inches and it wants to separate at that spot, so that’s where you want to be. Then you just grab the door by its side and pull it straight up up the hinges, that’s all there is to that.

Now you could skip that step if you want, you don’t have to remove the door to get at this, I just do want this to make it easier for this article.

Inside of your oven, there’s you bake element and there’s two screws that hold this end. We’ll remove those. Now if you watch where’s this bake element was gone or not, you would not want to touch it, because the oils from your hand, well, cause this to wear out prematurely.

So then you want to pull this thing forward, now there’s going to be wires connected to it, you want to be careful that you don’t pull the wires off, you’ll going to have to get a hold of them and you got to grab, try to hold all of those wires, pull it right out.

Now the next thing you want to do is you want to remove the wires and you do that with needle nose pliers so you don’t ruin the terminals. Make sure you wires don’t go flying back in that hole.

Okay, we have our bake element out now, now we can test this, do this with an ohm meter, set it to ohms and you’re going to need to refer to your tech sheet or service manual to find out what that reading should be and in this case it’s supposed to be around 20 ohms and that’s generally within 10 percent. Okay now I have 21 ohms exactly here, so this element is good.

Okay so now that we know our element is good, we want to make sure we’re getting power down here. Now we have this unplugged, so what I’m going to do is I’m going to take this, I have this sort of rubber mat that I use, you can use a block of wood or whatever you have that’s nonconductive, set you wires on there and then get out your multimeter and set it to volts and then you connect one terminal to its side. Make them sure that it can’t touch any metal or anything and then what we want to do is we want to plug this unit back in and then we’ll going to turn the knob on to bake setting and we want to check for 120 volts there, if we have 120 volts and the element is not glowing and getting hot, the element is at fault.

Now, if we don’t have 120 volts here, the problem is going to be either in your switch, if you have a knob like this or if you have a digital control, the problem is going to be in your control. So I plugged this back in and we’ll see if we got 120 volts in here.

Okay we got to plug back in now so what I’m going to do is I’m going to turn this knob on and I’m going check for a 120 volts and there you can see we have 120 volts there. The knob, turn to bake setting, so now we know we have power going down to that, now if our element wasn’t heating up, you just replace the element. So we know we have no problem with this one here so now we’re going to put this back in.

Okay, now to install this, again, you don’t want to touch it. Now, if you purchase the new one, they usually come wrapped in plastic, what I do is I pull the plastic off this point back here and I leave the rest of it on there so you can easily handle it without getting hand all over it and then we just plug all our wires back in.

Now again before we came down here we unplugged this after we checked it for voltage, we unplugged it and we came back down here. Now you want to carefully get this back in through the hole and there’s some insulation back there and stuff and that’s okay if it’s touching it, now we just re install our screws.

Okay and finally we want to just put our door back on and we do that by re line the dot with these hinges here. Take the same time we push down on it, slide it right back into the slot, pretty easily now. Okay, get it all the way down, open the door and you’ll see that your holes are lined up and you just put the screws back in there.

And the last thing you want to do is just make sure the door is closing properly and that its even across the top and this looks pretty good in here so we’re all set and that’s all there is to checking your bake element and replacing it. Thanks for reading, I hope this helped you.

How to Easily Clean a Greasy Range Hood and Filter

In this article today I am going to show you how to clean a greasy range hood and range hood filter. This is a terrible job, it absolutely stinks having to do it. But I am going to show you a quick and easy way to accomplish it with remarkable results. So let’s get to it. I really think you are going to like this video.

Here is my greasy range hood. Yuck! Pretty disgusting, right? It’s just caked full of grease. And here is the range hood filter. I just popped it out by pressing the spring release. And there is the greasy side of it. The product that I am using is called Super Clean. You can find it at a lot of well-known  stores. What I like is it works fast and it’s biodegradable (thanks to my friend at Las Vegas Appliance Masters: http://lasvegasappliancemasters.com – for pointing me to this great product).

Three things here though. Make sure that you pre-test it, you don’t allow it to dry, and you wipe off your surface with water. So again, here is the range hood filter. What I am going to do is put in a baking sheet and spritz off the surface using the Super Clean. It immediately started to work, but I let it sit for 5-7 minutes.

And then I rinsed it off using a watering can just because my watering can was sitting there and I wanted to see if that would work, and sure enough, it did. And I didn’t even use a sponge to clean the rest of the filter, I just used my gloved hand, which you should always wear gloved when using any chemicals. And I soaked it some more in water.

And there you go. Voila! Looks pretty amazing, right? Now, for the range hood, what I did is I stuck a paper towel down into the crevice because I am going to test using the Super Clean on the right side. So that’s what I did. I spritz it down, and all the excess Super Clean went down into that crevice and got collected by the paper towel.

But you see, there’s so much grease on this range hood, but the Super Clean started working immediately. There is the right side that I treated. Here is the left side, pretty greasy still. So I wanted you to see the “before” , the greasy side, and then the “after” and how well the Super Clean works.

So what I did was I sprayed some additional  Super Clean on a towel and wiped off the bottom of the range hood. Just look how much grease is there. Then I rinsed it off and got it streak free by using a wet paper towel, a damp paper towel. Pretty awesome stuff! Well, I thought the results were amazing.The coolest part is it took less than ten minutes.

So if you like this video, or maybe if you have your own tips, add them to the comments section, because that way other people will learn from your awesome ideas. If you like this video, go ahead and click the thumbs up button so that other people can see it and also, remember, you can subscribe to my channel and you will get a new DIY video every Friday.

Thanks for joining me today, I really appreciate your time, hope you are having a good one, see you in my next post.  In the meantime, here’s a bit more information to help you get things cleaned…

Avoiding The Pitfalls With Your Home Improvement Project

Make The Very Best Out Of The Scenario With These Home Improvement Tips

Lots of dwellings have wall to wall carpeting that is stained and looks bad. Wood floors offer lasting allure and more durability than carpeting can provide. With these tips, you can work smarter-not harder. Shortly your dwelling will be a stunning showplace. You'll notice live in a home that is more wonderful than you ever could have envisioned.

Self adhesive drywall patches are a must have home improvement. These patches come in several forms ranging from mesh drywall tape to those made of a polymer substance. Press them carefully into placean iron. Be careful not to scorch the wall surface or the spot. Paint appropriate over the patch and you will never understand it is there.

Making home improvements is an excellent thought for increasing your home's value and making your home a more enjoyable location, but it may also be a calamity if done wrong. Needing to repair your home improvements with further advancements may be avoided with just a little thought and effort. Use the below hints to practice the proper state of mind .

Change out your air conditioning filter from time to time. A clogged up filter can actually use much more energy. You may even be using way more electricity than mandatory. Change the filter frequently to conserve time and money.

Do not be misled by cheap imitation flooring. Tile, Marble and Granite are all better than imitation variations of them. Floors should not have linoleum unless in an apartment, counters should be either granite, tile or marble. There are so many alternatives that are affordable that there's actually no reason for plastic variations of the real thing.

In case you want dorm or your living room to really have a contemporary clean feel to it, choose to purchase a sofa with long, lean lines and nominal cushioning. Select the sofa in a bold color kitchen design books like black, red, or beige to make an impression in your region. You can dress it up with striped ornamental pillows or some zebra print.

You need to put in a dormer window to make the area more usable, if there's a lot of space in the loft. This adds appeal to your house, along with potentially doubling your square footage. Your property value increases and provides you a lot more living space for a very small investment.



A Few Ideas That Can Improve Your House

Tools You Can Trust: How To Tips For The Homeowner

Damaged, bent, or rusted metal railings are among the very offensive eyesores generally seen on older houses. For a modern look that doesn't upstage the timeless outside of your house, replace metal railing with textured wood supports. You make a darker color natural depending upon the outdoor colour of your home or can stain the wood it.

Boards which are stained are more visually appealing than those which are painted if you're replacing your baseboards. In addition to it having a classic appearance, the wood's natural and warm look will fit in any sort of house. Stained backboards also function the benefit of defending against stains and marks, which can increase its longevity. You'll have the option to pick from many, many colors of spot that may fit decor of any shade.

Among the best home improvements you can do when selling your home would be to replace the worn-out and old carpets. This may make the property look fine and give a fantastic impression on prospective buyers. Buyers fast get turned off if they think they're going to have to replace the stained and tattered carpets in every room.

The outside of your house also makes an excellent spot for a home improvement project. Staining your drive adds a beautiful touch to the front of your dwelling. Additionally, look to see in case you need to fill any cracks or re-mariner the driveway. Occasionally, the front of your house may be forgotten as you make improvements, but these projects really can add a lot to the aesthetic value of your property.

Decals are a fantastic facelift for boring furniture and appliances; getting them off is a different storyline. If you are out of ideas on just how to remove old stickers from surfaces the subsequent trick is sure to aid. Spray on the stickers you desire to remove with WD40 spray. Try to lift the edges to get the liquid underneath. Let it sit in the solution for two or a minute and then lightly scrape the sticker with a plastic knife or an old charge card.

If you are choosing a significant renovation, look to employ a professional designer or architect to help develop the strategies. In the event that you or a member of your family do not have professional training in this area, the plans you comeWith may silence. A professional designer will have the ability to create a strategy that also matches all building codes that are required.home repairs

Consider converting fresh rooms in your own home. Seriously look at what you need to work with, before you spend too much money adding more room or two to your house. Are you getting much use out of that exercise office or room? Storage spaces like attics could be transformed into something useful, like a bedroom.

It is essential to at all times keep your financial plan in mind as you begin your home improvement project. It is crucial to plan the job out ahead of time and get costs in the substances you need to make your vision a reality. It is additionally vital that you consider the length of time the job will take you.



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