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Repairing a Leaky Toilet – Flapper Replacement

replace a toilet flapper If you have a toilet that’s constantly cycling on and off, you most likely have a flap that’s leaking. Overtime water, the chlorine water slowly breaks down the rubber and changes it shape, so you don’t get a good seal inside the tank. So I’ll show you the steps on one of the most basic types of toilet flaps and it’s important to look inside your toilet, because there’s quite a few different manufacturers and different styles.

But this is the most common and in your overflow tube, you’ve got two little ears that stick up on the bottom of it and you can see, it kind of moved the shape, it’s not flat, like it was when it was new and these two ears just clip on to the two holes in the side of the flap. Now on the new flap, it’s a little different shaped, but this is an universal flap and these two holes will just go right down into the two ears on the side of the overflow tube, very easy to put in.

red toilet flapperAnd then we’re just going to take this clip and put it on to the handle and I already shut off my water going into this, so we’ll let this fill and we’ll test it. So I turned the valve back on and I filled the tank and you can see, it is sealed real nice and we can’t hear anything leaking. A good thing to check is actually looking into the bowl itself and if it’s leaking at all, sometimes you’ll see movement of the water. It looks good so that’s all there is to it.

If you have a basic flap in a toilet tank it’s a very easy Do It Yourself project. It’s just important that you look at the style and if you can, bring it to the hardware store with you, that way you’ll make sure you get the exact match.