About DB Adventures

Daniel DB Bowman

Daniel DB Bowman

DB Adventures is my (Daniel Bowman) on-going story of things I am passionate about – and that usually involves doing stuff that helps others.  I love learning and I love teaching, so the fact that I make my living figuring out how to fix broken things or improve things to make others’ lives better (and mine and my family’s as well), is just awesome.

As long as I can remember, I’ve taken things apart to see how they worked.  Eventually, I learned how to put them back together too!

As I got older (around high-school age), I realized there were a lot of people that needed help with all kinds of things around the house, and they were willing to actually pay me to do what I loved.  The combination of deep appreciation and cold, hard cash I got from these “customers” got me hooked.  I’ve been expanding my knowledge of this “stuff” ever since.

So while I started with toys, radios, bicycles and cars, my focus now is more on homes.  If I’m not fully renovating a home, I’m at least working on bigger ‘stuff’ in a home, such as an AC unit, furnace, a major appliance or a roof for example.

The one thing I’ve realized is that I am only one guy.  I can only do so much “work”.  BUT… since the work/money part is only half of the equation of what I love, I’ve realized that I can leverage the other part of my passion – sharing and teaching – by creating this website so that I can share these things I do with others.

If you find something helpful here… GREAT!  I’m happy.  Feel free to drop me a note either as a comment or send me a message from the contact page.  I’d love to hear if I was able to help you.

‘Til then, thanks for stopping by!

All the best,
Dan “DB” Bownman