Replace the Drain in Your Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink drain replacement2 I am going to cover the steps on how to change the sink basket in the kitchen sink and one thing you want to make sure you save is, once you remove the slip nut, we have a specialized washer for the tail piece that goes up to the sink basket. It’s flange on one side and completely flat on the other and it sets flush against the bottom of the sink basket and when you tighten up that nut, it does a good job of keeping it from leaking.

Most of these are going to come in nylon, which is a little more effective and long-lasting compared with rubber. The other thing, we are going to have a nut, a friction ring, a piece of cardboard, so that your nut doesn’t get caught on the rubber gasket that’s going to keep it from leaking underneath the sink. And underneath here, what we are going to use as a washer, we are going to use plumber’s putty.

So you are going to just take a piece of plumber’s putty and you are going to knead it in your hands for few minutes, you are going to warm it up, it’s going to make it soft and then what you are going to do is you are going to roll it out and make yourself a fairly thick rope of it and we are going to push this into the under side of the sink basket and a little bit on an angle, maybe about the size of your pinky and we are going to work it all the way around the bottom lip of the sink basket.

kitchen sink drain replacement3This is what’s actually going to become our washer inside the sink. So now we are going to drop this down into the sink and then we are going to put our rubber washer, our gasket and our nuts and we are going to connect it from underneath. So when you push down your sink basket, depress it hard and you are going to see a little bit of the plumber’s putty coming out and you want that. So you can see right there is about what you want it to look like when you push it down from the top.

Underneath, you can wipe off just a little bit of the excess, pulling up on the bottom of the sink basket and now we are going to put the rubber washer first and then this friction ring, so that when we tighten down our nut, it doesn’t get caught on the rubber and pull it and tear it. And we are just going to snug this up, like that and then I have an excellent little tool. If you have a basket wrench like this, it grabs these little nipples on the end of the nut and it gives nice leverage.

What I am going to do, I am going to tighten this up, I am going to grab a pair of needle nose pliers and hold this to keep it from turning and then we will tighten up the rest of the basket. So this is a little trick, just with the needle nose pliers, you kind of hold it in place as you are tightening this nut and you want to snug it down pretty well. You are going to see that the plumber’s putty is going to come out of the top quite a bit and we are going to get it very snug.

If you have a sink that it’s in place and if you are working from underneath, you can have someone from above, hold a pair of needle pliers like this, just to keep the sink basket from turning as you tighten it. I put in both sink baskets and I flipped over the sink and all I have to do is remove the excess plumber’s putty and that’s all there is to it. For those who really want more suggestions on projects you can tackle for your home, check this.

And if you have the luxury of having the sink off and putting in a new sink, it’s easier if you do this before you install the sink into the counter top, but it’s not very difficult just to change this out, if you need to change your sink baskets.

Dan Bowman