Simple Electrical Fixes in the Kitchen

fixing a light switch in the kitchenToday we’re going to look at fixing a light switch that isn’t working in our kitchen. It started as an appliance repair for our dishwasher that wasn’t working, but then we realized we didn’t have enough light to work with. So before we called on our repair guy buddies at the Appliance Masters, we figured we better get the lights in here to work.

What we are going to do is take a regular piece of wire, I am going to pull out any one of these wires, doesn’t matter which one and I am going to stick this through the hole here, feed it all the way through and this is going to be tricky so sometimes you are just going to have it straight, just feed this through inside, and it doesn’t matter I can probably go through this one just as easy and this is going to be tricky so you are going to have to work with it till it comes out, found out, as I took this off, there is a part here, that’s the pivot part and it….the wire that I was putting through kept hitting the top of this so, had to take this apart, now what I can do is even simpler I just simply take my wire and the reason I’m doing this, the wire through here is cause I’m going to let it pull through and how I do that is simply take some tape and I’m going to pull off a little bit here and then I’m going to attach this to the wire here as well, and now I’m ready to pull it through once I get it wrapped, now that I’ve got the wire through to this bottom section is to go ahead and feed it through the back here and reconnect this section so you want to be very careful as always working with anything electrical, make sure that you don’t pinch any wires.

fixing a light switchDon’t do anything crazy like that because if you pinch the wire, it’s going to trip the breaker, hopefully it’ll trip the breaker and then you’ve got another issue so what I do here is to just go ahead and put everything back together, so we’re getting ready to putting everything back together as far as up into the ceiling where the light is and so I’m going to go ahead and twist and you twist clockwise, twist light colored lights back together so our wire is back together, so I’ve got the white to white and the black to black and then of course this wire here is the grounding so now we’re ready to put this up into the ceiling, so the first thing I’m going to attach is the ground and just use a regular screw driver on it.

Again remember, I always touch it just to make sure nobody has touched it at all, it’s going to bite you just for a second, don’t ever grab a hold of a wire, don’t recommend that, okay so that wire that is on, then I do the same thing to the neutral or the white wire as well, so I’ve got this going and just turn clockwise until it stops and it’ll finally get very difficult to do, that I do personally and this is kind of a signature for me, you’re welcome to copy it is I take some black tape, after every job that I do and I wrap all of the wire that I just work on, so I wrap the wire and I wrap it around securely on to the nut so not too many people but for me, if I was to call back into this and there was a problem with the light, if somebody else got into it, they would put that back on necessarily, because it just doesn’t make sense sometimes to wrap a wire other than for safety issues. But the average person wouldn’t do that so what I do is I wrap this, that way I know I’m the last person in.

Dan Bowman